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یو څو فرهنګي نړیوال منځګړی اوسئ



In words of Ms. Kathleen Ruane Leedy

We all learn from each other. In every class, my students have risen up in united accomplishment. I have watched my success become their success, and learned so very much from them as well! In the Mediation class we want to acknowledge what we do well and also ask for assistance in what we need to do better. This class will teach and attune you to the processes and art forms of mediation, as they are delicately interwoven in this masterful and magical process.


Learning about Mediation is a mindset that is based on transparency, practice, growth opportunities, and the elevation of mediation well beyond the fundamentals. Beginner level Learning comes out of a greater understanding of responses unfolding at the mediation table. Beginner level opportunities can arise out of any given mediation, which beckons the mediator to respond. Beginner Level Learning includes measuring whether a mediator has mastered the science and the art of mediation. 


I've had great growth in wisdom, broadening perspective, skills and tools, and critical approaches to optimizing opportunity for successful settlement.




"Today, personally I am more engaged and confident. This is the most important growth for me. the activities were very interesting and i'd like to work more on new topics. i'd like to be exposed more to stubbornness that we can confront in parties and the way to deal with."




"Thank you for the session. The group rooms were very instrumental in applying the lessons learned. I had serious doubts about my abilities to actually do this work, but the practice opened a door for me in seeing more possibility. This is a tremendous group of people. Kathleen's examples and experience are spot on to demonstrating the lesson at hand. This class is increasing in value every minute I spend here. Thank you again."







31 جولای 2021 - د اګست 14 مه ، 2021

  • لومړۍ ناسته به د جولای په 2021 کې وي

  • ( 4 ساعته ناسته - 2 ساعته وقفه - 4 ساعته ناسته )

  • دوهمه ناسته به د اګست په 2021 کې وي ( 4 ساعته ناسته - 2 ساعت وقفه - 4 ساعته ناسته )

  • دریمه ناسته به د اګست په 2021 کې وي

  • ( 4 ساعته ناسته - 2 ساعته وقفه - 4 ساعته ناسته )

  • څلورمه ناسته به د اګست په 2021 کې وي ( 4 ساعته ناسته - 2 ساعته وقفه - 4 ساعته ناسته)

  • پنځمه ناسته به د اګست په 1421 کې وي ( 4 ساعته ناسته - 2 ساعته وقفه - 4 ساعته ناسته )


د روزونکي په اړه

  • د دوه ساحل منځګړی په اتلانټا ، GA ، بوسټن او کیپ کوډ ، MA او ټاکوما ، WA کې روزل شوی. اوس په کوینز ، نیویارک کې میشته دي.

  • له Since 2008 2008 Since راهیسې د هغې متناقض منځګړیتوب دنده په محکمه او خصوصي تمرینونو کې د منځګړیتوب 12 12 کاله قضیې غزیدلي دي.

  • په ځانګړي ډول د جګړو منځګړیتوبونو کې تخصص لري ، په ځانګړي توګه هغه خلک چې د ساتنې امرونه لري ، د موافقې له 95٪ پورته نرخ سره.

  • ښوونه "د 40 ساعت. د ډیک پوهنتون قانون ښوونځي کې د لومړني منځګړیتوب ټولګی.

  • په هارورډ کې د مینځګړیتوب رول لوبونکي همکار په توګه دنده ترسره کړې او د خبرو اترو او شخړې مدیریت برنامې کې د MIT فارغ زده کونکو روزل.

  • د دوه کالجونو لپاره بار بار سپیکر: په ویسټر کې د هولي کراس کالج ، په اوبرن کې د MA او ګرین ریور کالج ، WA.

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تر جوالی 2021 پورې.

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